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TO MY AMAZING FRIENDS....I want to sincerely thank you for your patience during this challenging time.  The health and safety of you, the client, myself and the community as a whole is very important to me.  I have been working very hard preparing for the re-opening of THE FACE PLACE by kc.         That re-opening will take place on Monday, June 8th, 2020

I know that you expect the highest safety standards from me.  My plan is to go beyond the general recommendations originally established at the beginning of the COVID-19 virus...In the past couple of weeks I have consulted with the CDC, OSHA, and the State Licensing Boards of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  This due diligence has help me create the following list of protocols that you can expect me to follow as well as to inform you of what I expect you to follow for our combined health and safety. 

Again I will be requesting your patience as I will personally contact each and everyone of you to schedule your appointments.  At the beginning I will only be seeing 2 maybe 3 clients a day due to the mandatory disinfecting and sanitizing procedures that must be done after each client.  This will be very time consuming.  These stringent guidelines will over time be adjusted and refined as needed and I will keep you informed along the way.


CURBSIDE WAITING.......There will be no waiting room in use for right now.  Upon your arrival text 843-384-5451 and I will meet you at the door.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED...if you don't have one I will give you one to use before and after the treatment. 

SANITATION BAR....When you enter you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and your temperature will be taken. 

WAIVER...This waiver will have a series of questions regarding your health and the health of those living within your household, if you have recently traveled out of the country or within the country particularly to known "hot spots" for the virus, been in large gatherings such as crowded restaurants/bars, beaches, parties, funerals, weddings, farmers markets.  The waiver will also state my guarantee to you that I am following all federal and statewide guidelines to insure your health and safety.  This waiver must be signed and submitted before the treatment appointment begins.

                                   SPA AND TREATMENT CHANGES

THE FACE PLACE by kc, operated by Kathy Cooksey, is doing all it can to protect you by following all safety guidelines.  Here are some of the changes you will experience as we enter the new "normal".  

SANITATION...The areas of the waiting room, treatment room and bathroom will be disinfected and sanitized at the beginning of each day and will again take place after each client and their treatment.  All tools, equipment, and stations will be kept sanitized, my uniform top, masks and gloves will be changed after each client.  Also for our protection I will be wearing a mask and face shield.   

TREATMENT CHANGES.... The use of steam will no longer be used in an effort to keep the surrounding air between the client and myself free from viral droplets.  The massage of hands and arms will be discontinued.   The client cannot talk while receiving a treatment since a mask cannot be worn during a treatment.  Certain waxing areas also have been suspended ..particularly nasal hair waxing.

PAYMENT FOR SERVICES...Cash and checks are no longer preferred at this cards only will be accepted. 

HIGH RISK CLIENTS...The CDC recommends that those who suffer from underlying conditions such as heart disease, chronic lung disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, those clients who are presently undergoing cancer treatment and those of advanced age not participate in spa treatments at this time.

As we navigate this 'new normal ' together we will get through it...I will miss making your treatment as special as you are used to. I will  miss giving each of you a big hug when you walk through that door... but as I said earlier these changes will continue to be refined and adjusted as time wears on.  I again thank you for your patience and of course your patronage.  You are the best!

Warmest regards, Kathy